April 2018


Architectural Sheet Metal Flashing Design presented by W. Allen Lyte

The RCI Architectural Sheet Metal Flashing class is a one-day course related to architectural sheet metal flashing design, assessment, and detailing. Topics covered include material selection, attachment, joinery, expansion joint detailing, fabrication tolerances, drainage assemblies, and penetration flashings. Within sheet metal joinery, the subjects of proper soldering techniques, proper solder repair procedures, as well as application of specific metal joinery types are developed fully. The course will communicate the fundamentals and more advanced topics suitable for architects, engineers, and building envelope consulting professionals.

January 2018


Nomination forms were presented to each attendee with the names of candidates that were running for election at several positions that were becoming available. Some were for current Director Positions and some were for Director at Large positions. Each nominee was granted the opportunity to address the audience to convey their platform before the election ballets were tallied. The RCI Ontario Chapter and its Board of Directors would like to thank kindly all those who put forth their name for consideration in the election process and who were willing to donate their time to potentially be part of the new board.  Allen Lyte is the Treasure of the board for the second year.  Allen has  previously acting as Secretary and President of the RCI Ontario Chapter.

November 2017


Building Show: Roof Repair vs. Replacement: When Is It Time? What Do You Need to Do? by W. Allen Lyte

Deciding on the timing of the most appropriate roofing management is one of the most critical decisions a property manager can make. The capital costs to fully replace a roof is one of the expenditures in maintaining a building that can strain the available budget. Deferring the decision to properly repair or replace a roof when required can result in collateral costs associated to interior damages and concealed deterioration of building components. Regular roof maintenance is mandatory, but as a roof approaches the end of its serviceable life, additional repairs should be completed to address specific defects to achieve long term good roof performance. Implementing repairs to help manage your roofing asset can help defer full roof replacement and allow options to renew the existing roof. This presentation covers telltale signs when roof work is required and options available. In addition to reviewing typical roof repair tasks to be implemented prior to replacement, the presentation covers successful roof renewal techniques to limit site disruption, reduce construction waste, and restore the roofs performance at cost savings over full roof replacement.

April 2017


RoofTech 2017 - Canada's Roofing Exposition: Expand your knowledge by attending one of 4 expert-led seminars tackling timely issues, trends and best practices. Seek solutions to matters affecting you directly while earning continuing education credits.

Spring 2017


The Importance of Hiring Qualified Roofing Advice: by Wesley Lamb, President - OIRCA: "My last piece of advice: fix your roof first and stay away from those salespeople who show up at your door unannounced with the latest, greatest roofing solution.  Do your homework and work with a roofing professional." 

November 2016


Building Show: Rooftop Management: Important Decisions by Building Managers for Lasting Roof Performance by W. Allen Lyte

To maximize roof performance, facility managers must understand how roof transitions, rooftop mechanical equipment, and penetrations can impact the roof. They also need to know how design decisions can simplify future work, and be able to identify critical factors in making roof replacement decisions. This presentation serves to help managers select roofing strategies by discussing common roof systems and their attributes, as well as design considerations to address roof clutter and optimize both lasting performance and return on investment.

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